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about us

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.


FFC offers a package of training sessions with international accreditation from international institutions specialist in various fields of health & safety, oil & gas industry, electricity, communications, mechanics, Maintenance of medical devices, construction industries, architecture and management, using all modern means that include in person training in our classrooms, whether in the company›s headquarters, which is equipped with the latest technical means and knowledge or inside our client’s classrooms. FFC is also considered a pioneer in the field of E-Learning which is an interactive system of education that is presented to the learner using communication and information technologies and relies on a digital electronic environment that are presenting courses through electronic networks, and provide guidance, direction and organization of tests as well as management of resources and operations and straightened them. FFC also provides many diplomas that raise the trainees from the initial levels to the professional level in the fields mentioned above.

What do we offer?

FFC Standards Division provides the opportunity to perform the tasks of each of the individuals and organizations better, by sharing broader knowledge  and  innovation  practices for excellence as a methodology followed, worldwide, in everywhere and all the time. Applying standards is a proven way to be more efficient and effective, it helps organizations to improve their performance and reduce cost risks and achieve sustainability. Our company is an accredited center by the American BQSR, as it provides the following accreditations as ISO standards: